European Trellis

|||European Trellis

European Trellis

We stock a versatile range of trellis panels:
All 1.8m wide and treated green except for Privacy Lattice



H/D Diamond Trellis

Privacy Lattice Trellis

1.8m Wide Treated Green  Height
HDL13 1.8m
HDL12 1.5m
HDL11 1.2m
HDL10 900mm
HDL9 600mm
HDL8 450mm
HDL7 300mm
1.83m Wide Treated Green  Height
PL13 1.8m
PL12 1.5m
PL11 1.2m
PL10 900mm
PL9 600mm
PL8 450mm
PL7 300mm

H/D Diamond Tellis

1.8m Wide Treated Green  Height
HDL5 600mm
HDL3 450mm
HDL1 300mm

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