Stakes Cundey Peeled & Machine Rounded

|||Stakes Cundey Peeled & Machine Rounded

Stakes Cundey Peeled & Machine Rounded

Having made some major changes moving into 2018 with the purchase of a cundey peeler production unit, we now carry large stocks of Pine Cundey Peeled Stakes and Straining posts available for collection straight away in either Pressure Creosoted or HC4 Green Treatment.  We also carry large volumes of Pine Machine turned stakes available in HC4 Green only.

We are able to offer Cundey Peeled in HC3 Green treatment and Un-treated to order.  Please call the office for more info.



Machine Turned Round Stakes / Strainers availability

Height 50mm 60mm 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm
1.5m Y Y
1.6m Y Y
1.8m Y Y Y Y
2.1m Y Y Y Y Y
2.4m Y Y Y Y Y Y

Machine Turned H/R (K/D)

Height 100mm 110mm
1.8 Y Y

C/Peel Inter

2.4m 75 – 100mm approx
2.1m 75 – 100mm approx
2.1m 100 – 125mm approx
1.8m 75 – 100mm approx
1.8m 100 – 125mm approx
1.65m 75 – 100mm approx

Machine Turned H/R Rails

3.66m (12′) x 100mm

Jump Poles

3.66m (12′) x 100mm

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