Gateposts & Fittings

|||Gateposts & Fittings

Gateposts & Fittings

Our range of gateposts are of the highest quality and pressure treated.



Gateposts TW4W

Kiln Dried / Pressure Treated / 4WW
12.4m x 200mm x 200mm 2.7m x 150mm x 150mm
2.4m x 175mm x 175mm 2.4m x 150mm x 150mm
2.1m x 175mm x 175mm 2.1m x 150mm x 150mm

Domestic Fittings

Strong Autolatch
Strong Gate Catch
450mm 18″ Tee Hinge (medium)
350mm 14″ Tee Hinge (medium)
300mm 12″ Tee Hinge (medium)
600mm Adj Hook & Band 24″ (pair)
600mm Hook & Band 24″ (pair)
450mm Adj Hook & Band 18″ (pair)
600mm Hook & Band 18″ (pair)
300mm Hook & Band 12″ (pair)
Tower Bolts
Brenton Bolts BZP
Brenton Bolts Galv
150mm 6″ Cabin Hook
150mm 6″ Ringlatch
450mm 18″ Monkey Tail Bolt
150mm 6″ Hasp & Staple
Oval Pad Bolt
250mm 10″ Gate Return Spring
Longthrow lock 2″

Fieldgate Fittings

Adjustable Hanging Set
350mm 14″ Throw Over Arm
450mm 18″ Throw Over Arm
Self Locking Catch and Striker
Spring Fastner Set
Safety Gate Hook & Eye
Hook on Plate 100mm (4″)
Hook on Plate 50mm (2″)
Hook to Drive (bottom hinge)
Hook to Bolt (top hinge)
Adjustable Bottom Hinge
450mm 18″ Dropbolt
Slip Rail Brackets (pair)
Slip Rail D Bracket

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